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Get a freebie for every ten(10) Taters visits

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Get a special treat on us on your birthday

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Exclusive perks and privileges valid and renewable on a yearly basis

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Everything you need to know!

What is the Pop Club Privilege Card?

  • Pop Club is Taters' privilege card program where fans young and old can avail great discounts, earn freebies and win great prizes.

What are the Perks and Privileges of Pop Club?

  • Pop Club card holders can enjoy the following perks:
  • - 10% discount on all regular menu items of Taters.
  • - 5% discount on all regular menu items of Chimara Kitchen.
  • - Freebie for every 10th visit in all Taters branches nationwide.
  • - Birthday treat in any Taters branch nationwide.

How do I get a Pop Club Privilege Card?

  • The Popclub card can be availed for only P200 at any Taters branch.

How long is a Pop Club Privilege Card valid?

  • The Pop Club card is valid for one (1) year from date of activation.

Where can I use the Popclub Privilege Card?

  • The Pop Club card can be used at any Taters branch nationwide. It is also valid as a discount card in our sister establishment, Chimara Kitchen.

Are there any special promotions for Pop Club?

  • Yes! We will be releasing tons of discounts and freebies every month, exclusively for our loyal Pop Club members. (Terms and conditions apply)

Can I renew my old Pop Club card?

  • Yes! And there will be two ways to renew your existing membership, (1) With existing PopClub card and voucher code (Promo valid from August 18 – September 30, 2018). (2) By purchasing a new card at any Taters branch. Visit our store to learn more.

Does my points get carried over when I renew my old Pop Club Membership?

  • Yes! Both for renewal using voucher code and getting a new Pop Club card, as long as you still use your existing Pop Club account.

What do I get for the Birthday freebie?

  • Visit our store and be surprised by our league.

Until when can I claim my Birthday freebie?

  • You may claim your freebie any day on your birth month.

What if I registered my PopClub card to an incorrect email?

What is the Resend Email Verification Function?

  • This is a function that allows registered but unverified users to receive another Email Verification Link.
    This is useful especially for users that have completed the registration process but haven't gone thru the email verification process either because the user forgot or the email verification link wasn't received.

How would I know if I already have a PopClub account?

  • You can check if you have a registered PopClub account by going to the PopClub sign-in page and attempt to sign-in using your existing email.
    If there's no error in the login, then that means your have a valid account.

How would I know if my current account is active?

  • You can validate if your current account is active by going to the PopClub sign-in page and clicking "Resend Email Verification".
    Follow the instruction accordingly and the application will tell you if your account is active or not.

I have registered my PopClub Card but I didn't get any verification email. How can I activate my account?

  • Please Follow the step by step instruction below and make sure to follow the instruction accordingly:

          1. Check if your email is already registered by signing in to the PopClub Sign-in page.
          2. Send an email verification link by going to the PopClub sign-in page and clicking "Resend Email Verification".
          3. Verify your account by completing the Account Verification Process that was sent to your email.
          4. Change your passsword by going to the PopClub sign-in page and clicking the "Forgot Password?".

    If you encountered an issue during the execution of any of the instruction, please contact our support team thru popclub@tatersgroup.